A small group of high school students dropped by apDia!

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In december, a small group of high school students dropped by apDia.
Taking into account all COVID-19 measures, they received information about the operation of blood group and ELISA automation.
DS2, DSX, -> Dynex
ELISA and rapid testing TDM – > apDia / R-Biopharm

It is interesting for these students to know that after their studies they end up in laboratories with various domains, which are an extension of their education.

We hope that through this support, apDia can contribute to a better view on education and the professional field.
Soon we will also have an internship at apDia from a student from this group, and maybe other students ,we will meet in the future at apDia or in another lab.

Thank you to Raf, Sander, Celine and Rolf for guiding the students and supporting this educational day.

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