Proud on the apDia-team and especially to our fantastic technical team !!!

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Recently Joris Van Cutsem joined our technical team team: Welcome to the apDia family, we are excited to have you!

Yesterday RolfDavid and Joris installed 4 Eflexis blood group analysers, back-up and the BTM middleware Hôpitaux Iris Sud – Iris Ziekenhuizen Zuid Brussels.

At their 3 locations in Brussels, they are switching from manual work and ID gelstation with Diamed gel cards to a fully automated Grifols Eflexis with Grifols DG gel cards, connected with CliniSys | MIPS  ( Glims).

Thanks to the user friendly middleware and highly flexible organisation of the Grifols Eflexis analyzer, this will save time and maximize tracability for the lab.
All of this resulting in a faster and more secure bloodtransfusion .


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