Wallonia discovers the added value of the Eflexis and apDia / Grifols

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In Flanders and the Netherlands, Grifols Erytra Eflexis was already a big success. But also at Wallonia they discovered the added value of the Eflexis and apDia / Grifols .
After a successful installation at CHC Liège, apDia also installed the Erytra Eflexis at Klinik St.Josef St. Vith.
The laboratory technicians have been trained by Rolf and Jürgen ( taking into account the COVID-19 precautions) and are fully ready for validation.

apDia is committed to provide customers with innovative diagnostic products that are simple, easy to use and reliable, with excellent customer service and support.

The Erytra Eflexis® (Grifols) is a fully automated, benchtop analyzer that performs pre-transfusion compatibility testing using DG Gel® technology.

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